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Soft-Core Porn". During this period Wales was photographed steering a yacht with a peaked cap, posing as a sea captain with a female professional model on either side of him. Archived from the original on December 7, 2013. "Feature  The world of wikinomics". Bergstein, Brian (March 26, 2007). Investor's Business Daily, Inc. 17 a b c d e f g h i Rosenzweig 2013 a b c d e f g Henderson 2008,. eroottinen seksi seksi kertomukset

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A wholly owned subsidiary of Media Source, Inc. Retrieved January 18, 2014. "More like snake oil". 117 Notes a b c d Heise Online (October 28, 2006) a b c d e f g h i Business Insider 2013 a b c d e f Zittrain 2008,. Jackson, Kathy Merlock (Winter 2000). Further reading Primary sources "m Browser Kills Pop-Up Advertising!". Please feel free to use any of these images on your own web site.


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Isaacson, Walter (October 19, 2014). "Eine Weltmacht im Netz". Archived from the original on March 30, 2009. 60, 1 Bhaskar 2013,. 82 a b Paley Center for Media 20b Glosserman 2010, Time index 34:30 Bibliography Anderson, Paul (2012). Rosenzweig, Roy (June 2006). 61 All Bomis-owned hardware used to run Wikipedia-associated websites was donated to the Wikimedia Foundation, 35 and Wales transferred Wikipedia-related copyrights from Bomis to the foundation. 17 44 His experience (from gaming in his youth) impressed on him the importance of networking. The Economist Newspaper Limited; Technology Quarterly. Brooks, David (August 4, 2004). "Mr Wikipedia's knowledge quest". Queensland, Australia: Nationwide News Pty Limited. The Content Machine: Towards a Theory of Publishing from the Printing Press to the Digital Network. A3 a b c d e Edemariam 2011,. 35 99 In November 2000, Nupedia had 115 potential articles awaiting its peer-review process. 26 115 1ocumentary film about Wikipedia, Truth in Numbers?, discussed this characterization of Wales by journalists. eroottinen seksi seksi kertomukset